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Milestone, the company that encompasses Chief, Da-Lite, Projecta, Sanus, and Vaddio recently released a showcase article from the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Flexible Auditorium Uses Chief for Interactive Panels

In another auditorium, the room accommodates different table configurations. This allows flexibility for any size group for optimal learning. Chief LSMU and MSMU mounts hold 65” interactive panels. This auditorium is mainly used for skills improvement seminars, conferences and project work of students and employees.

Elpro and Carts Fill Out Multi-Purpose Hall

In this multi-purpose hall, key differentiation points include different options of table set-up for visual representation and interactive input. This allows the hall to be used for education, conferences, and assemblies.

“We like Chief carts very much for their absolute indestructibility and capability of attaching shelves,” said Alexandrovich.

This hall is used as an educational auditorium and an LCD panel with 60” diagonal is a means of interactive input. It is installed on a Chief LPAUB cart, which allows the transfer of images from it to any means of visual representation. A person can write on the screen and the image will be broadcast on the screen and on 80’ diagonal LCD panels that hang from tilt Chief Fusion XTMU mounts.

The university had high requirements for the cameras, joystick for management, video mixer and professional recorder. They wanted a long lens, the capability of transmitting video and control. They selected Vaddio PowerVIEW HD-30 PTZ cameras with external control units and Vaddio Universal CCU Cat-5 for HD-22 or HD-30. These units were installed in racks and allow managing settings ‘by hand’ without involving an interface, which is more convenient for the video operators.

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